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Rustic Realty Properties - Sumpter Oregon
Rustic Realty Office - Sumpter, Oregon

Imagine enjoying the forests, the mountains and the crisp, clean air from your very own Sumpter property!

Come live with us in Sumpter, Oregon, and enjoy our rich, historic gold mining heritage!

Explore the local mountains where gold was first discovered in 1862!

The Sumpter Gold Dredge is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Eastern Oregon, but Sumpter is well known for other Eastern Oregon historical landmarks as well, like the Sumpter Valley Railroad, which opens Memorial Day Weekend and runs on weekends and holidays through Labor Day. It's a real thrill!

We would like to invite you to take a step back in time to explore the rich Sumpter History in our local museum. The Sumpter Municipal Museum now houses Sumpter's 1st Public Library with internet connection. And now you can even check your email while visiting Sumpter!

Be sure to browse our Sumpter Properties for sale! We have breathtaking Recreation properties, Sumpter Cabins, Vacation Rentals, Patented and Unpatented Sumpter Gold Mines. Sumpter Bare Land is going fast, so you had better hurry! We have lots of great camping, hunting, boating, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, gold mining and plenty of awesome mountain adventures awaiting you in the Sumpter Valley area!

Multiple Listing Service - RMLS

RMLS works for everyone. Buyers searching our Eastern Oregon Real Estate Listings will see your property listed and follow the link here to Rustic Realty, LLC! We list all our properties to a vast audience of Potential Buyers.

When visiting Sumpter, be sure to stop in and visit Rustic Realty, for free coffee, cocoa, cookies and GAB!